Listen to Late Night Snap Chat Here!

In 2016, working at my job in animation, I was unhappy.  I had a great job and worked with people that I loved, but I knew in my gut that it wasn't where I was meant to be.  After a decade of avoiding my truth (see here), I became increasingly dissatisfied, yet still terrified to make a change.

I started 'Late Night Snap Chat' late one night on Snapchat.  I had stayed up all night reading a book about dating (because at the time I thought dating would fix my problems!) and all of my dates seemed to be going nowhere.  I had epiphanies that I hadn't had before, and started to realize that it wasn't the dates that were giving me heartache, it was me.  I wanted to immediately share what I had started to discover, so I Snapchatted a black screen and spoke over it like a podcast.  I began to get feedback from friends who shared their experiences with me. The more I learned, the more I shared, and the more feedback I got, the more I realized that I wasn't on a journey of dating, I was on a journey of personal growth, and was excited by the thought that those realizations could help other people, too.

While the name stayed the same, over time the podcast transitioned from its platform on Snapchat to Soundcloud.  I've since quit my job, become an actor, and live a life of growth that I love every day.  I know that not everyone loves to read self-help or meditate or participate in all of the woo-woo things that I like to on the regular, so LNSC is the platform where hopefully I can share with you what I've learned, and that information will in some way, help you too.

Thank you as always for listening!  xoxo