Session Information


Where do portrait sessions take place?

Portrait sessions are shot beach-side in LA or Orange County.  

What time do portrait sessions take place?

Light is the most important factor when shooting, so early morning or late afternoon (about an hour and a half after sunrise or an hour and a half before sunset) are best for the most flattering light.

What should we wear?

I recommend wearing what you feel the most comfortable and confident in.  That said, layering works well and helps break up solid colors.  Color-wise, since shoots are done on the beach, whites, pinks, and blues are especially beautiful in photos.  I would also avoid anything too baggy and opt for fitted options for a more flattering silhouette.  

How many photos can we expect from the session?

You will receive 30-40 photos from the session, all edited to the quality that you see on my website.

When will we receive our photos?

You can expect to receive your photos within 2-3 weeks of the shoot.

How will we receive our photos?

All images are delivered digitally via an online gallery.  I do not require that you watermark or pay an additional fee for the files (that's actually a pet peeve of mine!).  Your photos can be downloaded and shared as you like.